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Fibre Internet

Fibre Internet

ADSL / 4G Internet

Can´t get fibre in your area? We can get you hooked up with either ADSL (conventional landline “broadband” internet) or with our mobile 3G/4G service.

Whichever service you choose, we will be saving you money.


Fibre internet using the Movistar network, but installed via our partner company.

Download speeds from 100mb for 50.95 including sales tax.

We can deliver speeds up to 600mb in both directions for those who need both fast download and upload.


Do you need broadband internet whilst on the move without download limits?

We offer a Huawei 4G router which has 4 ethernet ports allowing you to connect devices via cable. The router also allows you to set up to 4 different hotspot names and passwords.

Running on Movistar 4G, you can plug the router in anywhere that there is power and it will deliver internet to all your connected devices.


Lobster Mobile

Imagine a mobile service that doesn´t have lots of confusing tariffs.
Imagine a mobile service that uses Spain´s biggest mobile network to ensure the best possible coverage.
Imagine a mobile service that allows you to talk and text 11 countries for free. (UK, Ireland, USA, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands and Gibraltar.